Kid's Wall Accessory Kit

Kid's Wall Accessory Kit

$ 613.00

This kit is for practices that already have Versa Wall Panels and want to outfit a kid's area.

Set includes (1) Spiderman Action Figure, (1) Mickey Mouse Plush Toy, (1) Goofy Plush Toy, ABC Letter Blocks, (1) Oversized Pencil with 2 Nose Clips, (1) Acrylic Shelf with Standoffs, (12) Discs (3 Red, 3 Blue, 3 Yellow & 3 Black) and (30) Nose Clip Frame Holders.

Panels and clips are NOT included with this set. is brought to you by the Eye Designs Group. This accessory is designed to work with the Eye Designs Group's displays utilizing the Versa Merchandising™ System.