SYNERGY PRO™ Graphic Panel Horizontal

SYNERGY PRO™ Graphic Panel Horizontal

$ 28.00

Effectively communicate brands, sales, and marketing messages with the SYNERGY PRO™ Graphic Panel Horizontal. Features 8.5"w x 3"h clear acrylic sheet with steely gray pebble standoffs. Simply create your own sign insert for SYNERGY PRO™ Graphic Panel Horizontal, attach to SYNERGY PRO™ Rod, and instantly enhance your frame presentation.

Uses two SYNERGY PRO plug spaces horizontally.

Includes (1) 8.5" w x 3"h clear acrylic panel, (2) standoffs, and (2) stand of screws. is brought to you by the Eye Designs Group. This accessory is designed to work with the Eye Designs Group's displays utilizing the Synergy Pro™ Merchandising System.