WAVE™ Locking Frame Holder G4

WAVE™ Locking Frame Holder G4

$ 132.00

The WAVE™ Locking Frame Holder G4's newly improved CAM system provides a smoother functioning locking and unlocking motion. This theft deterrent is an effective way for you to safely showcase valuable frames without sacrificing valuable presentation. Secure individual frames with the universal lock and key-allowing you to unlock individual frames rather than the entire display. The base of the frame holder is secured to Aero™ Rods or Fusion™ Panels with a special Torx screw. Extremely durable polycarbonate construction features a subtle, matted pebble finish, reducing reflection and competition with products. WAVE™ Locking Frame Holder G4s are interchangeable with Versa Merchandising™ Accessories and allow additional merchandising opportunities with the optional Sign Holder. Includes (15) WAVE™ Locking Frame Holder G4's, (15) Torx Screw, (1) Key, and (1) Allen Wrench.

NOTE: New style WAVE™ Locking Frame Holder G4 will not work in old style Versa Wall or Pole System products.

Product released in December, 2018.

Set of 15.

Additional keys are available here.